5-12 Announcements

Monday, April 23, 2018


State FFA Convention @ Ames

WIC Art Show @ Audubon (north gym)

4:30pm JH TR @ AC-GC (dismiss @ 3:20)

Ms. Wulf Seminar students go to Mr. Hummel/Elmquist in the Ag room.

Senior Time Capsules will be viewed Thursday, April 26th at 7:00am in Mr. Dammel’s room.  Bring your own coffee, donuts or breakfast pizza!

Prom picture envelopes are available in the office.

Summer Rec Theater-is in need of student volunteers to help with the summer children’s theater. Contact Sue Barnes @ 563-4472

THE H.S. M.S. CHOIRS STILL HAVE 14 CASEY’S PIZZA CARDS TO SELL!  PLEASE, CONTACT MRS. MEINERS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!! :)  The cards are $15 each.  By using this card when buy a large specialty pizza, you get a medium for FREE!  

Waspy’s Job Fair-May 5, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Must be 14 years old. Check out their website: http://www.waspystruckstop.com/

May FFA Meeting - Sunday, May 6th at 6 PM-Albert the Bull Park-Meal Provided!  Bring your own drink. Yard Games with PRIZES for recreation!!!  (We are NOT rescheduling the April meeting.)

Sign up for Drivers Ed: Classes begin May 29      http://www.audubon.k12.ia.us/page/2901

Today’s lunch:  Pork fitter/wg bun, corn, baby carrots, applesauce, kiwi, bread, milk
Tomorrow’s breakfast:  Breakfast sandwich or cold cereal/toast, fruit, fruit juice, milk
Tomorrow’s lunch: Chicken Alfredo, Romaine salad, cucumber slices, diced pears, melon, garlic breadstick, milk
Salad bar and sub sandwich offered daily!


Good Luck Wheelers!

WIC Art Show @ ACS North Gym 

State FFA Convention @ Ames

JH Track @ AC-GC, 4:30 p.m.



V B&G golf vs Mo Valley @Audubon Boys-won, 181-199, Garrett Hansen, runner-up medalist with a 44. Girls-Jasmine Turner-medalist with a 45 and Sydney Beymer-runner up medalist with a 47

V G track @Underwood, 8th place;  Melissa Deist-1st in shot put; Whitney Petersen, 3rd in 100 Meter

B Golf @Panorama, 8th place.

Upcoming Events:


23 WIC Art Show @ ACS North Gym; State FFA Convention @ Ames; JH Track @ AC-GC, 4:30 p.m.

24 7th grade field trip; State FFA Convention @ Ames; G Tennis @ Atlantic 4:30; B Tennis vs. Atlantic 4:30; G/B Wheeler Track Invit. 4:30

25 SR Ind/Group Pictures, Prof. Dev. - Dismiss 2:05

26 G/B Golf vs. Lo-Ma 4:00; B Tennis @ St.Albert Catholic Jr. 4:00; JH Track @ Tri-Center 4:00; G/B Track @ AC-GC 4:45 field  events,5:15 running events

27 Prom - Pictures 5:45, Grand March 6:15, Banquet in Carroll 8:00, Dance until 11:45

28 7/8 Band @ Denison

30 BsB Starts; G/B Golf vs. Underwood 4:00; JH Track vs. Carroll Comm. @ Jefferson-Scranton 4:00


May    1 G/B Golf @ AHSTW 4:00

  2 WIC B/G golf @ Atlantic HS, 9 a.m.; Honors Night, 7 p.m., 2:15 Dismissal-Prof Dev.

  3 JH WIC TR @ AHSTW, 4 p.m.; G Tennis @ Clarinda, 4:30 p.m.; B Tennis vs Clarinda @ Audubon, 4:30 p.m.; B/G Track @ Panorama, 4:30  p.m.

  4 State Large Group Music Festival; 7/8 Dance @ A/C 7:00-9:00 p.m.; ACT Registration Deadline; B/G Golf vs Tri-Center @ Audubon, 4 p.m.

  5 G Golf Tourney @ Audubon, 8:30 a.m.

          6 FFA Mtg and BBQ, 6 p.m.

  7 SB Starts; B Track @ AC-GC/Guthrie Center 4:45; JH Track @ Mo Valley, 4 p.m.

  8 Festival of Bands, 7 p.m.

  9 2:15 Dismissal; B Tennis-Districts, TBA

10 B/G District Track @ Audubon, 4 p.m.

11 Ind Tec Expo-SE Polk; Golf B Sectional tourney @ East Union, 10 a.m.

        12 G Tennis Regional-TBA; G Golf @ IKM-Manning, 9 a.m.

        14 G Golf District Tourney, TBA

15 Festival of Choruses

        16 2:15 Dismissal; Girls Tennis Regional tourne, 4:30 p.m.; Baccalaureate, 7 p.m.

17 G Tennis Regional finals, Track B/G State

18 Track B/G State, Golf B District Tourney

19 Tennis G Regional final; Track B/G State; Class Night, 7 p.m.

20 Graduation, 2 p.m.

21 G Golf Regional Tourney; Baseball JV/V vs AC-GC @ Audubon, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m.; Softball JV-V vs AC-GC @ Audubon, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m

22 JV/V vs Glidden-Ralston @ Audubon, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m; Softball JV-V vs Riverside @ Audubon, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m

23 2:15 Dismissal; Summer Sports pics, 3 p.m.

24 JV/V @ Treynor, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m; Softball JV-V @ Treynor, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m

25 Last day of school, 1:15 dismissal; JV/V vs Underwood @ Audubon, JV-5:30, V-7 p.m; Softball JV-V vs Underwood @ Audubon, JV-5:30, V- 7  p.m.

Elementary Bulletin

Monday, April 23, 2018 


TODAY’S LUNCH:  Pork Fritter/WG Bun, Corn, Baby Carrots, Applesauce, Milk

TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST: Yogurt or Cold Cereal, WG Toast, Assorted Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

TOMORROW’S LUNCH: Chicken Alfredo, Romaine Salad, Cucumber Slices, Diced Pears, Milk

Landmands Bank visits 4th Grade @ 10:30 and 1-J @ 1:45!




Extra-Curriculars Report:  B Golf beat Mo. Valley 181-199 on Friday - Garrett H. Runner-Up Medalist with 44!  No team score for G Golf Fri. night, but Jasmine medaled with 45 and Sydney B. was runner-up with 47.  G Track @ Underwood placed 12th with 20 points - Melissa 1st in Shot Put, Whitney P. 3rd in 100 mtrs. and 4th in 200 mtrs., Shuttle Hurdle 4th!  Joseph qualifies for Drake Relays in Shot Put on 4/26 @ 4:00 p.m.!   B Golf placed 8th @ Panorama Tourney on Sat.

UPCOMING EVENTS:                

Apr.    23    WIC Art Show @ ACS North Gym, State FFA Convention @ Ames, Landmands Bank visit  4th Grade 10:30, 7/8 Track @ AC-GC 4:30 - dismiss 3:20

    24    State FFA Convention @ Ames, B Tennis vs. Atlantic 4:30. G/B Wheeler Track Invit. 4:30

    25    SR Ind/Group Pictures, Prof. Dev. - Dismiss 2:05

    26    4th Grade Field Trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo, G/B Golf vs. Lo-Ma 4:00, B Tennis @ St.Albert Catholic  Jr. 4:00 - dismiss 2:00, 7/8 Track @ Tri-Center 4:00 - dismiss 2:20, G/B Track @ AC-GC 4:45 field events,5:15 running events - leaving @ 3:45

    27    Prom - Pictures 5:45, Grand March 6:15, Banquet in Carroll 8:00, Dance until 11:45, After Prom to follow @ AHS

    28    7/8 Band @ Denison

    30    BsB Starts, G/B Golf vs. Underwood 4:00, 7/8 Track vs. Carroll Comm.@ Jefferson-Scranton 4:00, B Tennis @ TJ/Co.Bluffs 4:00

May       1    4th Bread In A Bag w/Aud. Co. Ext. 10:00, G/B Golf @ AHSTW 4:00

      2    Make-Up Day for AM ONLY Pre-K and Head Start Class, Kdg.FAST Testing in a.m.

      3    1st-3rd Grades FAST Testing, 4th Bread In A Bag w/Aud. Co. Ext. 10:00

      4    State Large Group Music Festival, Kdg. Field Trip to Nishna Bend Recreation Area, 7/8 Dance @ A/C             7:00-9:00 p.m.

      6    FFA Mtg. @ Albert the Bull Park 6:00 p.m.

      7    2nd/3rd Sing @ Fr. Home 2:00, SB Starts, B Track @ AC-GC/Guthrie Center 4:45/field, 5:15/running

      8    1st Grade Field Trip to Living History Farms, Festival of Bands

      9    Make-Up Day for AM ONLY Pre-K and Head Start Class

    10    4th Grade Field Trip to Hitchcock House

    11    3rd Grade Bike Rodeo w/Sheriff’s Dept. 1:30-3:00

    15    Elem. Data Day, Festival of Choruses

    21    Last Day of School for Pre-K and Head Start, 4th Grade Instrument Night in AMS/AHS Cafeteria 7:00

    24    Elem. Track and Field Day






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